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An Asuran Linkshell

Welcome to the Historia Infinitive web site! We're a Final Fantasy MMO Linkshell found on Asura Server (FFXI) and Goblin Server (FFXIV:ARR). Our primary goal as a Linkshell is to provide a fun & mature community to play the Final Fantasy MMO's and work towards goals and achievements in a calm, drama-free, and friendly environment.

FFXIV: ARR Release Date, PH3 Beta, and LS Information

Square-Enix recently announced an official release date for FFXIV: ARR, citing August 27th as the kick off date for the 2.0 version of the Final Fantasy XIV. Legacy players from the original 1.0 release of the game that have FFXIV service accounts receive the game for free, and some benefits will be provided in the way of pre-order bonuses for original 1.0 Collector Edition owners. It's been stated that the Phase 3 Beta kicks off tomorrow (6/14).

Throughout the Phase 3 Beta, I will be compiling information regarding the FFXIV branch of Historia Infinitive. One important fact I want to get out as soon as possible is which server the Linkshell will be on, mainly because IIRC PH3 and/or Open Beta characters will not be wiped (I think it's Open Beta, but I'm not 100%), and when players start I want to be sure they can roll on the right server if they plan on joining the LS.

It's likely that the FFXIV branch of the LS will be a little more active at the release of FFXIV, but as things calm down, I'm expecting to see a more consistent split in populations between games. If things are a little slow in FFXI, fear not...I'm sure those that are sticking with FFXI will be back in due time (myself included).

Update: To clarify, I've gathered some information about bonus items. Visit HERE for all the details. Those who purchased FFXIV 1.0 Collectors Edition will receive FFXIV:ARR Collectors Edition bonus items via in-game Mog Letter(s). This includes: Helm of Light, Baby Behemoth Minion, Behemoth Barding, and Coeurl Mount. 1.0 CE owners will NOT have to enter a pre-order registration code, or upgrade to digital CE for FFXIV:ARR.

I am curious if Square-Enix is going to offer a discounted subscription cost for those of us that will have active FFXI and FFXIV:ARR services. I'll do some digging and find out.

Thursday June 13th, 2013

Linkshell Exp Party

We headed out to test old school style leveling in the Vana'diel of today, and it was quite an experience. While we were a little slow to start and realized that 19-20 is still a little low for Crabs in Qufim Island, Exp certainly flows in groups!

While crabs were a bit slower and hard to chain, when we decided to change over to Worms in the pond area, we were getting insane Exp chains through 4 and 5 with totals between 350 and 500 Exp per kill! Very rewarding indeed, in just a short 1 to 1.5 hours and I believe everyone dinged twice!

Next time we'll likely plan a little better, since we were starting much later than planned.  That way, more time for Exp and move levels!

Sunday May 5th, 2013

Feast of Swords!

Eight days left to participate in the Feast of Swords event! Make sure you take some time to catch those pesky armors and claim some cool prizes, including the moghouse furnishings!

Wednesday May 1st, 2013

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