Historia Infinitive

An Asuran Linkshell

Join Historia Infinitive!

Want to be a part of Historia Infinitive? Please read through this short description of the Linkshell, and if you believe it's the place for you complete the form to the right and we'll set you up with a pearl in-game!

Historia Infinitive was created by former Final Fantasy XI players returning to the game after an extended time away. Upon returning, they didn't want to necessarily miss out on all the content the game had to offer. While the game is old (10+ years, in fact), there's still lots of content to explore and participate in.

Because we're kind of old school, we like playing with other people and participating in content in groups. We enjoy helping people out, we enjoy the story and the act of playing, over being elite or extreme progression seekers. We like good gear, and we like getting things done...don't get us wrong! We aren't casual in a conventional sense, but we like the time we spend in the game to be fun.

The main point of the Linkshell is to create a friendly & fun environment to play in, while enjoying all the great stuff Final Fantasy XI has to offer players. The game can be intimidating on it's own sometimes, but with the help of others the game can really be exciting and fun! No drama, no fuss. Whether you play a lot, or a little, if you're goal is to have fun in a social gaming setting, then you'll fit well into our Linkshell.

Note: Be sure to Register for the linkshell site, this form is only meant to notify us that you're seeking a linkpearl in-game.

Thank you for your interest in the Linkshell! Please keep an eye out for Wyne, Optimia, or Geohex in-game to request a pearl. We will also note your character name and try to contact you in game.
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