Historia Infinitive

An Asuran Linkshell

Historia Infinitive Linkshell Rules

The rules of the Linkshell are fairly simple and straight forward. If you're interested in becoming a member, or are already a member that would like to read through to get an idea of how we work, please read through our short list of rules. Members must abide by these rules to help ensure the linkshell community remains fun and friendly for everyone. Anyone caught openly breaking the rules will be warned and/or removed depending on the offense.

  • Swearing & profanity is frowned upon. We're a linkshell of mostly adults and as such a level of banter, humor, and good wit is to be expected. However, there is a difference between good taste & poor taste. Please remember that some people also have kids who can read and may see the screen.
  • Drama is frowned upon. If you have a problem that you cannot resolve yourself (either with someone else in the Linkshell or someone in the game), please do not make it the entire Linkshell's business or problem. If you need assistance mediating an issue or just need some advice, feel free to seek it. Just don't make it anyone else's problem if unnecessary.
  • If you're in our Linkshell, then it's important to remember that some players may be new, returning, or generally uninformed regarding some of the game play elements of FFXI. We don't judge, we help. Be willing to answer questions if you know the answer, and if you're assisting someone please do so without judgement.
  • As a Linkshell, we may do community events from time to time where we offer our assistance to the entire server. This helps bring in new members, as well as build a better community where players get together to help others to further everyone's enjoyment of the game. When interacting with others and wearing our pearl, you're expected to represent the Linkshell and follow the same rules towards others as you would fellow Linkshell members.